Wrapping paper boats

We’ve been working out ways to wrap gifts without waste and while we no longer have the wrapping paper problem we used to (below), we still receive some presents wrapped in paper and I was thinking of reuses for it.


The main problem we find is that it’s often in a poor state once it’s been used – crumpled, torn and covered in tape. The paper can be of varying quality too. We can save the larger less damaged pieces to reuse – but what can we do with the rest?

This year I tried some origami boats with candles for a New Year’s outing. It sounded lovely but some sank and couldn’t be recovered, so it wasn’t a good option – it just created litter. So I will try and come up with a better idea next year…

Wrapper rescue

I’m interested in looking at how we can reuse wrappers of all kinds – sweets, chocolate, crisps, wrapping paper, that coming in a range of foils, plastic foils, paper foils and thin cheap plastic. Mostly this plastic packaging can’t be recycled. However they offers a huge range of colours and sparkle and I’m looking for ideas to make long lasting items out of them.

Fascinated by folding

On the lookout for ways to fold different materials and apply folding to different uses.