Woolly wombles II

Introducing the Woolly Wombles...

Woolly Wombles clan

A family project – Needlefelted wombles

I began making these for a Womble themed birthday as cake decorations for the birthday cake. They weren’t designed to be toys – but that is what they became, because it’s silly to make things for kids and for them not to be played with. Small needle felted figures don’t wear well especially with the rough play they are subjected to at my house – but they can be repaired and it doesn’t take long.

  • Wellington lost his nose
  • Uncle Bulgaria’s coin came loose and he lost his hat and walking stick
  • Tobermory’s neck got stretched

Now they’re as good as new.

We’ve been reading the books and our knowledge of the characters has grown, so I finished the 8 figures I originally set out to make.

Here are the other bodies and heads in progress.

Here’s a needle that broke in Madame Cholet’s nose! Aaaah!

The clothes were made from old t-shirts and socks and were chosen by the kids and we made simple paper patterns and they did the first round of stitching, I added another.

They have inspired a lot of creative making.

This group of wombles are now proud owners of a shoebox burrow, Womcopter and an ice cream van serving Blueberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Dandelion, Pine needle and Bramble flavours.

The Wombles

If you’ve not come across the Wombles stories before, they’re characters in a series of storybooks by British author Elisabeth Beresford that she started writing in the 1960’s (plus TV & music that followed). The stories are about creatures who live in a burrow on Wimbledon Common, London.

Needle felting needs

I haven’t been able to do much wet felting as I’m allergic to both wool and soap, so when I discovered needle felting I had a go and found that the wool didn’t affect me.

I’ve only bought wool roving once (and acquired some here and there) so I have eked out my supplies to make it last as long as possible and I look out for ways to use it sparingly.