Woolly lamb

I don’t do much knitting at all and when I do it’s as basic as can be. This is Buttercup the woolly lamb from Shirley Hughe’s Alfie and Annie Rose characters. We read her books an awful lot.

These are the pieces I needed. And here is the poem that inspired us… very sentimental I know… Buttercup is always pictured flopping around looking, well, floppy, so I think I have achieved that!



Make More Make Believe

I’m a big advocate for children’s imaginative play. I also don’t think they need a huge amount of ‘stuff’ in order for it to be an enriching experience – it’s more important that they have the right environment in which to feel free and comfortable to explore. In the case of my own children I have found that they get as much from bits and pieces lying around as they ever have from anything I have made them. I have come to learn that I make ‘fun’ things as much as for myself as for them and with that realisation I am also freer to have fun.

Purls of wisdom

Discovering the diverse ways knitting can be used to re-cycle