Window blind weather calendar

Here I refreshed an old window blind and made a calendar.

The blind was a little grubby looking so I trimmed off the bottom section and reglued the base to remake a hem to slide the plastic bar into.

I sketched 12 branches and cut a template of a leaf to draw 366 days (it’s a leap year). This was a gift along with a packet of fabric pens.


I’ve since done some research into weather calendars. On this one I didn’t put enough thought into the key, so it didn’t work so well. Follow the link to find out how it should be done.


About time

All thing time related; calendars, history and marking the passage of time.

Hello window

Until I put this site together I had no idea that a lot of the things I have made are connected to windows; curtains, blinds, light catchers. The window is a powerful metaphor in fact this site is a small ‘window on waste’ and I look forward to exploring this further.