Wild lavender wands

Making lavender wands – also known as bottles – sounded like such a romantic thing to do!

The instructions I found either stated that English lavender was needed or they just weren’t specific, As usual I am trying to make with what I have, and what I have is wild lavender which turns out to be Lavandula stoechas. According to Wikipedia it is confusingly called Spanish lavender in the US, or French lavender in the UK. It’s considered an invasive species in Australia and a weed in part of Spain.

I was interested to see if it mattered, can you make them out of wild lavender?

The leaves all needed stripping off. What I found out:

  • The stems aren’t smooth and they’re rather twiggy at the ends
  • The stems are non uniform having different lengths – and different bud sizes
  • They’re a bit brittle and not easily bent – you need to coax them into shape
  • The younger less twiggy stems are shorter and make a much smaller wand

Materials I tried:

  • blue polyester knitting ribbon
  • purple nylon garlic netting cut into lengths – it turned out fuzzy
  • yellow nylon lemon netting cut into lengths – it wasn’t as strong as the purple
  • purple t-shirt yarn

I found that getting the proportions right was tricky – as was achieving a tight weave. I also did an open version in the shape of a basket;

This looked lovely fresh and I was interested to see how it would dry.

Lesson learnt!

I put all my work in a large shoebox to keep it safely out of the way – but when I checked on it a week or so later every thing had gone mouldy! So now I know for next time that drying is a major factor. Perhaps wild lavender has a higher moisture content? Perhaps waiting a couple of days after picking would help?

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