Viking helmets

I couldn’t think of a way to make Viking helmets in an environmentally friendly way. Usually I manage to find a way of cutting down on glue, paint and other extras, but this time I didn’t.

NB – I know authentic Viking helmets didn’t have horns – but these are just for fun!

I helped the little one make her helmet and the others made their own – we used cardboard as the base and some bread bag ties for wire but the rest was all bought materials – latex glue, aluminium tape, duster felt, kitchen paper towels, masking tape, acrylic paint. They were fun to make and wear but not really a good upcyling project.


Normally my costume efforts knock about the house for years and resurface every now and then when the kids put on a show or make a video. These helmets just did not last. They flopped and drooped and fell apart – just more rubbish for the bin. So I will set myself the challenge of coming up with a better design – just not yet!

DIY Dressing-up


Dressing-up clothes – Old clothes, costumes, hats, and things such as masks or jewellery that can be used for children’s games or performances.

Out of the box

Projects using cardboard boxes.