Video jenga

We must be very old fashioned to still be watching videos, but when everyone else was getting rid of their videos we gathered hundreds of good films for free. The only problem was storage – they take up such a lot of space!

So when we came up with video jenga it promised to solve it all. The videos that have been recently watched are used to fill in the gaps or returned to the top of the pile and every once in a while we rebuild the stack. The stack is built around an existing pole so it has some natural stability. We haven’t had a collapse yet!


Our video machine inevitably broke so our videos are in storage for a while until we get round to finding a new one.

Storage made out/of scrap

These projects are about both ‘The Storage of Scrap’ and ‘Storage made out of Scrap’. I’m looking out for ideas where I can usefully make things to store scrap within scrap.

I had fallen into the trap of buying transparent plastic storage containers with lids and handles. The ones I bought came all the way from China and many now have broken lids or cracks… it is so wasteful and I can’t justify buying anything else to store waste materials. So this is me looking for different ways to store the items I collect so they can be protected and easily retrieved.