Upcycled wedding dress

I had the romantic idea of reusing my Mum’s wedding dress which turned out to be more complicated that I thought. For starters, it was white nylon. I decided to dye it a lilac shade with the idea of making it into an over-dress – so cut straight up the middle and lined it.

The dying wasn’t straight forward because I hadn’t accounted for stains – which made patches of darker purple under the arms. I asked around for help and Adrienne to the rescue! cleverly added the dyed veil to the bodice area, cleverly disguising any marks and adding lace detail. Thank you Adrienne!

The rest of the veil was used to extend the arms and I kept the train because – well – it seemed like fun, though it didn’t go so well with the hiking boots!

I was fortunate to have two weddings (to the same person!), one in the Southern hemisphere and one in the North. I knew my family and friends weren’t going to be there the first time so I came up with the idea of using the lace from the dress in a way that would involve them. I cut the flowers and butterflies into individuals and sent them to the people I would have invited and asked them to embellish them by embroidery, beads, paint – anything they felt like. They kindly sent them back beautifully adorned and I sewed them onto long ribbons attached to the front of the dress. This way my friends and family were with me.

Very sentimental I know – but isn’t that what weddings are all about?

Those old clothes

How to dispose of those old clothes? I keep cutting them up and seeing what new things I can make out of them. Quite a lot of my projects use collections of clothes with sentimental value and others are used before they hit ‘rag bag’ status.