Upcycled Push and Grip tea towel holders

No more retrieving the tea towel off the floor! Here’s a clean and tidy idea to store tea towels and cloths, that’s made entirely from waste from the kitchen

These towel grabbers grip the corner of the tea towels, holding them firmly in place. I’ve designed them to have replaceable parts, so they’ll last indefinitely and they’re also recyclable. The cap still unscrews so you can take that off to clean or replace.

They can attach by screwing into the wall or furniture. For use with tiles they can be attached with a suction cup and are suitable for facecloths. Also suitable if you want to hang cloths on mirror, glass, side of the fridge etc.

I use mine with a tetrapak facing (that doubles as attachment) and is a wipe clean finish and is replaceable. It could be used as a label.

I have used Tetra Evero Aseptic – available with different coloured lids – but the idea can be used for any wide lidded plastic bottle by experimenting with cutting the shapes.


A set of facecloth holders

Top priority

Projects finding uses for bottle tops, lids and caps of bottles and jars.