Upcycled air conditioner

It’s not compact but its portable! This handy air conditioner is made from an old cracked cooler box (fixed with a little duct tape). We cut a hole in the side to mount an old electric fan and a pipe in the lid to channel the cool air. The pipe has a lid so you can choose the direction you want the cool air to flow.

It works by rotating a couple of water bottles from the freezer. It’s not the prettiest, but it works a treat and I find it a lifesaver when the temperature soars over 37 degrees. We made it a few years ago and its still going strong.

I’ve since seen people online making contraptions to fit over an upright fan and dangling water bottles over them which then melt… sounds pretty dangerous to me. This design keeps any melting water well away from the electrics.


Some modest attempts at fixing things around the house to make them last longer.