Toothbrush holders

We’re a large family and have a lot of toothbrushes and different brands of toothpaste. Our sink couldn’t cope.

The good news is that these are very simple to make and have made such a difference. Now I’ve made one for each of us. It has also used up some bottles of things we’ve held onto far too long (sun cream from the ’90’s!) – so I’ve uncluttered the cupboard too. I used suction cups to attach to the tiles.

Reflections on design

  • Some of the containers sound ‘plasticy’ when you use them
  • Getting the right height for the opening is important eg the green one at the top could do with being lower – so now I’ve realised this, it’s a quick task to achieve.


NB I’ve found that our old bottle brush is the best way of cleaning them.

Gotta lotta bottle

What can you do with bottles? Considering the reuse of glass and plastic bottles. NB PET bottles have their own section.