Toilet roll tube nativity

You can’t get more humble than a toilet roll tube. We used scrap fabric, scrap paper, pipe cleaners, cotton wool, gold lined crisp packets – and no glue.

On a roll!

Things made from the humble and versatile toilet roll tube.

Out of the box

Projects using cardboard boxes.

Ragbag rendezvous

A collection of items made from scrap fabric, mainly old clothes. I don’t ‘rendezvous’ with fabric scraps often enough, but hopefully that will change.

ragbag  Рbag in which scraps of fabric and old clothes are kept for use.

rendezvous – a meeting place.

All dolled up

All sorts of figures to play with including rag dolls, peg dolls, animals, teddy bears and soft toys in general.

My kids have amassed a huge collection of mostly hand-me-down soft toys and they claim to be attached to every single one… I try and make the best of it and offer to customise them when they start falling apart.