Tetra Pak Tinman

Tetra Pak drinks cartons sew together surprisingly well – a strong (denim) needle is necessary. The layer of aluminium was perfect for a metal finish. I put together a costume with sewn panels and armour-like plates held together with split pins and waist fastenings with velcro. It took a little assistance to put on. Add a funnel hat and an axe and he’s ready to chop!

This costume survived a few wearings, but would need to be put together with some sort of lining if it was needed to last longer.

Maybe next I’ll be brave enough to tackle legs!

DIY Dressing-up


Dressing-up clothes – Old clothes, costumes, hats, and things such as masks or jewellery that can be used for children’s games or performances.

Works of cARTon

Beverage cartons that hold juice, milk and liquid foods are made from a laminated combination of card, plastic and often aluminium eg brand names TetraPak and SIG. Not so environmentally friendly, but great to work with. What can you do with a carton?