Tetra Pak tiles

Here’s a temporary solution for my temporary kitchen. I needed a wipe clean splashback for those grot spots round the sink so I saved up some tetrapak juice cartons and cut out the nice fruit graphics.

I used lots of tetrapak cartons, a paper trimmer, left over pieces of cork tile, staples and silicone.

It is really joyful and brightens up this space. I’ll enjoy it while I can.


I managed to make this last several years by replacing the worn tiles and finally the time has come to come up with a more permanent solution.

Works of cARTon

Beverage cartons that hold juice, milk and liquid foods are made from a laminated combination of card, plastic and often aluminium eg brand names TetraPak and SIG. Not so environmentally friendly, but great to work with. What can you do with a carton?