Tea bag folding

I was intrigued by the name of this craft or method – but no it’s not folded teabags – rather the folding of the little sachets that individually wrapped teabags come in.

I’d not tried this before, but I’d collected a large pile of these wrappers in such lovely bright colours and was keen to see what was possible. I started with the most basic folds (above) and look at the variety of patterns possible with just one wrapper.

Some reflections

I am not a precision crafter so I don’t think I’d ever go down the road of making wonderful works of art with teabag sachets. As they stand I think they’d make lovely decorations for hand made cards. The ones below are 3D and hold their own shape (as opposed to being glued to paper) so they could make decorations.

I’d like to explore this with other reuse materials. These sachets are close enough to a square shape – and so are some sweet wrappers, so perhaps that’s the direction I should go.

Wrapper rescue

I’m interested in looking at how we can reuse wrappers of all kinds – sweets, chocolate, crisps, wrapping paper, that coming in a range of foils, plastic foils, paper foils and thin cheap plastic. Mostly this plastic packaging can’t be recycled. However they offers a huge range of colours and sparkle and I’m looking for ideas to make long lasting items out of them.