Sweet wrapper dolls

I must admit  that I love the colours of the wrappers more than the contents. These festive dancers and revellers are made with leftovers from the season of excess. Little bits of leftover tinsel are used for the hair which adds to their joyous look.

They are a little bit delicate – I’d like to work on a way to make them more robust because I think they’d make lovely Christmas tree ornaments.

Wrapper rescue

I’m interested in looking at how we can reuse wrappers of all kinds – sweets, chocolate, crisps, wrapping paper, that coming in a range of foils, plastic foils, paper foils and thin cheap plastic. Mostly this plastic packaging can’t be recycled. However they offers a huge range of colours and sparkle and I’m looking for ideas to make long lasting items out of them.

All dolled up

All sorts of figures to play with including rag dolls, peg dolls, animals, teddy bears and soft toys in general.

My kids have amassed a huge collection of mostly hand-me-down soft toys and they claim to be attached to every single one… I try and make the best of it and offer to customise them when they start falling apart.