Stand up peg people

These are peg people I made a few years ago to go with a dolls house we picked up as a birthday present. They’re still going strong!

I had in mind those wooden dolls you can buy with wire enforced cotton limbs and wooden hands and feet. But mine were made from what I had which in this case was dolly pegs, cotton washing line for limbs, felt encased coins for feet and padded heads wrapped in old tights. The hair was experimentally needlefelted wool roving – and it’s still attached! The dolls can balance with a bendy legged stance.

Update – The story behind the turquoise trousers

My daughter had out grown her turquoise fleece trousers and they were too worn to pass on, so I cut out a section to make the trousers for this doll. A few years later I had another toddler needing trousers, so I made a patch from my daughters jacket to patch up those same trousers and they were back in use. Notice in the photos below – there’s only one stripy patch!

I was revisiting this project to see about extending the family with peg babies made with jointed hips so they can sit and lie down.

All dolled up

All sorts of figures to play with including rag dolls, peg dolls, animals, teddy bears and soft toys in general.

My kids have amassed a huge collection of mostly hand-me-down soft toys and they claim to be attached to every single one… I try and make the best of it and offer to customise them when they start falling apart.