Skeleton masks for Carnival of Souls

I was involved in a wonderful community dance-theatre company called Patuá Dance. Not only did I learn how to dance, but I had chance to make masks, costumes and props.



Carnival of Souls  (1995) was a show based on the traditional Mexican celebration of the Day  of the Dead.

I helped run workshops to make the paper mache masks for dancers and musicians that we used for practice and performance. The masks were made on each individuals’ face and they held up well considering the amount of use they got, both on the street and in the theatre.

We stencilled the skeleton suits to be worn under the character clothes. I made a skeleton wig from an old colander and purple electrical wire.


The above mask was Fernanda’s, the main character – a sprightly old lady. Her mask was left the original brown paper instead of painted white like the others which gave her an aged look.

I helped make props such as this pull out feast made from a bed sheet.

Image from the local newspaper

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