Serviette suit

I once attended a very grand dinner at college and there were a lot of high quality disposable napkins left over. They were more like felt than paper and the pink ones had a design embossed in the corner. I collected up the ones that hadn’t been used before they were thrown away.

I had heard about paper dresses made and worn in the 1960’s… and mine was more of  ‘Margaret Thatcher ‘ power suit from the ’80’s. They were patchworked together but never worn. Just like the serviettes – disposable but never used.

Atlantic College (1994).

Trashion passion

I have spent a lot of time making outfits, clothes and costume out of discarded materials in the past. These days my focus is more on dressing-up costumes for the kids, and visible mending, but I hope that when the opportunity presents itself I’ll be picking this up again someday.