Scrap banner

I tried selling my clothing at various places; craft fairs, festivals, markets and craft galleries (1995-1997).

The name of my proto-business was Re:Creations. Here’s the banner I made using scrap fabrics and reverse applique. The rainbow effect was made using an old knitted blanket.

Reverse applique

An applique technique where the fabric is layered and the top fabric is cut away and stitched in place to reveal the design. Traditionally done by hand but so far mine’s all been done by machine. Why do I love it so much? I think it has to do with the magic of cutting things away to reveal what’s beneath… there’s just something about it.

Ragbag rendezvous

A collection of items made from scrap fabric, mainly old clothes. I don’t ‘rendezvous’ with fabric scraps often enough, but hopefully that will change.

ragbag  Рbag in which scraps of fabric and old clothes are kept for use.

rendezvous – a meeting place.