Sashiko inspired patches

Inspired by pictures of Shashiko – white stitches on a blue background – I gave up looking for a pattern to follow, and after doing rows of horizontal stitches, I made up patterns to join up this base layer of stitches. It was fun!

Made with some dark blue bed sheet and plain white cotton. Next time I’ll look out for some stronger white thread as my kids are heavy on their knees. I reinforced these knees with a layer of fabric on the inside too.


It’s a waste of time doing anything on the kness of my kids clothes – it just doesn’t last long!

Before outer patch
First lines of running stich
Freehand design
Visual mending

Slip of the tongue? It is called Visible Mending in contrast to Invisible Mending but for some reason I found my self using the term Visual Mending right from when I first heard it, so that’s what it is for me.

Visible mending has really taken off in recent years and there are thousands of inspiring photos on the internet, and plenty of techniques to try and books to read. I hope it turns out not to be just a trend but more of a mindset.