Run around rabbits

The story behind this small wallhanging is that I wanted to make something a bit different for a birthday based on these two:

I had a picture in my mind of a black and white reverse applique that I wanted to try – reversing out the two rabbits. I wanted a square of black and white cotton to try it out. I had a suitable piece of white cotton and searched high and low for black cotton – but we had none. Cotton is in short supply in my fabric stash – I mostly have old t-shirts, old jeans and scraps of colour. I had a black t-shirt that would do, so next I hunted high and low for  white t-shirt that wasn’t stained or full of holes…

The only way I could try and make this work was to try and stabilise t-shirt fabric somehow. I tried fusing it to thin clear plastic – as it happened – I used the clear bags out latest new t-shirts came in. It wasn’t totally successful, but it did work really well in patches. I intend to try it again with pre-stretched fabric.

I carried on regardless because I had committed to it…

I hadn’t edged a piece in this way before so that was a learning curve – hampered by the imperfect end pieces of fused fabric I was using. The result is wobbly and imperfect – but full of sentiment and, for me, that’s what matters.

The white t-shirt I used had some ink stains in the centre and they were still visible by the time I got to the end. So I had to decide what to do – try and disguise them, cover them… or make a feature of them? I decided to stitch around them – and then do some white circles on the black to even things out.

You might be able to guess how my kids interpreted this – so it added a bit of humour – and actually our rabbits contribute heavily to our compost for the garden – so its truthful, too.

Those old clothes

How to dispose of those old clothes? I keep cutting them up and seeing what new things I can make out of them. Quite a lot of my projects use collections of clothes with sentimental value and others are used before they hit ‘rag bag’ status.

Keep calm and carrier bag on

The evil plastic carrier bag. But it is actually s great material to work with – especially if you can collect enough colours. I stopped using them for many years, and then due to the pandemic, we started getting our shopping delivered and now we have hundreds of boring white ones to find a use for.

Reverse applique

An applique technique where the fabric is layered and the top fabric is cut away and stitched in place to reveal the design. Traditionally done by hand but so far mine’s all been done by machine. Why do I love it so much? I think it has to do with the magic of cutting things away to reveal what’s beneath… there’s just something about it.