Rubbish work

While volunteering at Legacy Environmental Education Centre I carried out some school workshops started by artist Cath. She had begun a project to decorate some bins to be used as recycling bins with cardboard lids with big fish mouths. Here’s one with a giant sheep made from waste materials.

To be honest, I can’t quite remember the focus of the project, but these mark the beginning of my work about rubbish in schools.

Here I ran some workshops to highlight and discuss materials and their rate of decompostion. We talked about materials that could be composted, and made a scale of materials through to plastics which take a long time to breakdown. We talked about the creatures involved in decomposition and made a worm to represent it, then we made sculptures of animals using each of the materials we had looked at – woodlouse, spider, snail, grasshopper, ladybird.

Here it all is on the wall – it might not be the most effective display ever but the intentions were good!

Back at the centre I made 3D wall display of kid’s work about the 4R’s (there is a question mark in the title, but you can’t see it in the photo!).

Looking back, it’s easy to be critical. Now I wonder about how to measure these kinds of activities to see how effective they are at getting the message across. These days, I don’t think I would even choose the word rubbish!

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