Recycled non-slip baby boots

We are living in a place with tiled floors which is not so good when the baby is taking her first steps. The slippers I brought looked nice but have very little grip.

So I’ve made her some non-slip bootees so she can practice walking safely. I used a soft fleecy jumper that she’s grown out of and old washing up gloves made of thick vinyl.

I cut off the sleeves at the shoulder seams and they were the same size as the oval shapes for the soles cut from the glove. They fit exactly. Could there be a relationship between the size of armholes and feet?!

I lined the soles with fleece and added an edging to the top and an ankle tie in a contrasting colour. I used a running stitch all around the soles and finished the edges with a blanket stitch.

The result?

Brilliant! She used them loads and no more sliding around. They didn’t fall off her feet like some others we tried.


I’ve made other similar pairs for other babies and they’ve been well used, too.

Trying them out
Trying them in the park
Four months later
Body logic

Body-logic means making clothing without needing a pattern because you measure against the body. Ideal for one-off hand made clothing and simple garments.

For me the idea is largely about having confidence to think for yourself and not to think that you can’t do it because you don’t have a pattern.

Glove love

Finding good things to do with old winter gloves, lace gloves, washing up gloves, leather gloves, mittens and more.

Those old clothes

How to dispose of those old clothes? I keep cutting them up and seeing what new things I can make out of them. Quite a lot of my projects use collections of clothes with sentimental value and others are used before they hit ‘rag bag’ status.