Recycled clothing fashion show

I had spent two years sewing together clothes from ties, scarves, gloves and mittens, umbrellas and more and was fortunate to have received funding from ‘Grassroots’ for a workshop¬† and they secured funding from the European Social Fund for me to put on a showcase of my work.

I called upon friends from my dance group who modelled, and friends of friends whom I’d never met before came in at the last minute to model, too. Fernanda from Patua Dance worked on choreography, we had a samba band, another friend who DJ’d and I had support from Cardiff Institute of HE… the list of people who helped was very long.

The event was very well attended and received.

Great groups

Some of my work with community, school and youth groups making all kinds of things and meeting and working with wonderful people.

Trashion passion

I have spent a lot of time making outfits, clothes and costume out of discarded materials in the past. These days my focus is more on dressing-up costumes for the kids, and visible mending, but I hope that when the opportunity presents itself I’ll be picking this up again someday.