Recycled book collages

Re creations created a series of collages from old books all donated by Oxfam and St. John’s Hospice that had been rejected by local charity shops and were taking up space in a warehouse rather than being taken to landfill.

Colourfully illustrated scenes including Ganesha in his library eating fruit and reading books with Mouse, Biddhi and Siddhi  listening to stories, Kartikeya speeding past mountains on his peacock and many amazing scenes from around the world featured in the stories. Some of the boards were large – 3 metres wide. The collages were digitally reproduced and used in a ‘wrap’ to decorate the entire exterior of the bus.

The following is a summary of the story that inspired us. A walk around the bus illustrated the story.

Story Summary

Ganesha has blue skin, four arms, a potbelly, a trunk and tusks.  He is the Hindu god of wisdom, and loves to read books and eat.  One day he has an argument with his brother, the fiery Kartikeya. They both have set their sights on marrying two of the loveliest girls in the land, Siddhi and Buddhi. Kartikeya throws down a challenge that whoever races around the world first will marry the girls. He leaps astride his trusty peacock and speeds off, while Ganesha sits in his library, reaches for another book and munches on mangoes.

Around the world races Kartikeya. He storms through jungles, marches past pyramids and whizzes past the northern lights without even noticing. Tired and exhausted he starts to slow down as he approaches the UK and spends the night in the town of Blackburn. Wearily he gets up in the morning and struggles on past Darwen Tower. Meanwhile, back in his comfortable library Ganesha helps himself to a breakfast of bananas, coconut and melons and reads another book.

All Kartikeya could think of was winning the race and claiming his brides so he valiantly continued his long journey and eventually arrived back dirty and dishevelled. When he returned Ganesha was preparing for the wedding saying that he was to marry the girls.  Kartikeya didn’t believe his brother had won the race so he tried to show him up for a cheat. Ganesha proved to him that he knew far more about the world from all he read in his books and in the end Kartikeya admitted defeat.  Ganesha triumphantly displayed his treasured books and concluded that you don’t always have to visit a place to find out about it. Siddhi and Buddhi fetched Ganesha another bowl of fruit and sat down to hear more stories.

Old books new tricks

Seeing what kinds of reuses there are for old unwanted books.