Re-creations: Environmental Arts & Drama 2007


Large Star lantern

Students from Beaumont College, Lancaster made panels for a large star lantern designed to appeal to the senses and be accessible for wheelchair users.

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Beaumont College, Lancaster, Nov & Dec 2007


Dream Dragon

Young people helped to paper giant willow lanterns of a head and tail of a ‘dream dragon’. Lit with coloured LED’s, this kinetic lantern sculptures were linked together with billowing pillow banners. These were dyed and printed by the young people with symbols of their dreams of the future for our environment.

Plus drop=in workshops ‘Pop bottle dragon’ and ‘Fairy in a bubble’ lanterns were run as part of the ‘Field of Light Challenge’.

Festival of Flight, Barnoldswick Community Arts Group, September 07


The Final Curtain

As part of the environmental art project Earth 2020, we ran a 3 day project with Hyndburn young carers group focusing on materials and how they biodegrade. We created a spectacular rainbow curtain out of collected used materials that was displayed in the Town Hall.

Prospects Foundation, Accrington, Sept 07



Mini Gardens

Perfect for little people play. Children built their own mini garden in a basket or plate using a range of natural and reuse materials.

Carnforth healthy eating open day, Sure Start, August 07




Giant bug sculpture

This was a caterpillar with a difference! Made of old chairs, lampshades, boots and wellies, this many footed bug could seat an audience of 8!

Barnoldswick Community Arts Group, June 07




Willow Archway

We worked with students from Beaumont college to create dream catchers out of natural materials. These formed part of the structure of a willow archway which was planted to mark the launch of new developments at Morecambe’s West End Allotment

Spring Fever Festival, More Music in Morecambe, May 07



Morecambe through the Ages – Magic Lantern Project

Inspired by black and white images of old Morecambe and ‘magic lanterns’, an early type of image projector that used paintings, prints, or photographs—on glass plates  and a light source. We ran a series of costume, props and choreography workshops on a tour of community centres in Lancaster and Morecambe. This culminated in a show and carnival procession featuring pirates and mermaids, strongmen, inflatable bathing belles, giant Punch and Judy, crazy clowns, and a sunset queen with her dancing sun rays.

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Community Learning Network, Lancaster & Morecambe, March – July 07


Pebble Planter Mosaics

This pebble planter is one of a pair outside a village hall and was designed following workshops with the youth group.

We decorated large concrete planters with a range of recycled and reclaimed materials. Themes and materials were chosen by Winmarleigh Youth Club following a series of interactive games. The work was carried out with the help of children and volunteers in a recent Community Day.

Winmarleigh Village Hall, Garstang, April 07


Recycle Away Day

A spring themed drop in workshop raising awareness about recycling. We created amazing self watering pop-bottle planters with community members.

Fun to make and decorate with scrap materials.

Skerton Community Centre, Lancaster, March 07



Spectacular Me! Raising Aspirations Day

Mask making workshops for a whole year group in one day! We made spectacular ‘spectacle’ masks out of old reading glasses with every pupil, creating a vibrant display as part of a ‘Raising Aspirations’ themed day. The masks were symbols of the future using selected colour, shape and collected scrap materials.

Skerton High School, Lancaster, January 07



Granny and the Big Bad Wasteful Wolf –Fuel Poverty Awareness Raising Project

We began this project with ‘The adventures of Consumer Vacumer’, an assembly featuring a ‘Doctor Who’ style slapstick tale of energy efficiency delivered in High schools in Pendle. Then we spent time working with a GCSE class to create an assembly directed to primary schools and community groups. We created a dynamic show using Banraku puppets, shadow and projections where Little Red Riding Hood featured as the Energy Efficiency guru, offering Granny tips and advice. The show then toured around feeder primary schools with great success.

Pendle Vale, Pendle Borough Council, October 06 – January 07

Great groups

Some of my work with community, school and youth groups making all kinds of things and meeting and working with wonderful people.