Rag rug seat pads

I have two lovely cane chairs but the seats are wearing out fast. The main reason for making these seat covers is to make the chair seats last longer (it’s easier than working out how to fix them for now).

The part of this project that took the longest was learning how to make my own bias binding – I tried a few different methods. I used the bias binding around the hessian and sewn into the binding as ties. I wanted to be as thorough as I could making the edging as from past experience, the edges can pull through if not finished well. Once all the tricky part was out of the way, the actual pegging was a simple job.

The concentric rings one came first and I used a mixture of t-shirt and cotton fabric. The starburst one came later and I used only t-shirt forgetting that you really need a mixture otherwise the pile becomes flat.

I also added t-shirt yarn to the arms where the original binding had come loose.

The reverse side

Rag to rugs

Rag rugs or mats are traditionally made from old clothes, linen and bedsheets and are a great way to creatively reuse smaller scraps and leftover fabrics. Rag rug making was practiced by the poor and are very labour-intensive to make. They were never thrown away – they were re-used until they fell apart finally ending up on the compost heap.

There are lots of different ways to make them and I hope to get try out a few more methods here.