Quick tea box wallets

I have plenty of tea boxes in the recycling, so I wanted to make them into something handy. The lid has a pocket for storing business cards or snapshots and they could make a nice gift.


They are folded with a side gusset which works for types of boxes that are deeper than they are wide. The pink one below is tall and didn’t work as well as the wider boxes.

I made 2 versions, one fastens with velcro and the other fastens with a piece of elastic.

On the one above I used a teabag envelope as a gift tag.

Out of the box

Projects using cardboard boxes.

Storage made out/of scrap

These projects are about both ‘The Storage of Scrap’ and ‘Storage made out of Scrap’. I’m looking out for ideas where I can usefully make things to store scrap within scrap.

I had fallen into the trap of buying transparent plastic storage containers with lids and handles. The ones I bought came all the way from China and many now have broken lids or cracks… it is so wasteful and I can’t justify buying anything else to store waste materials. So this is me looking for different ways to store the items I collect so they can be protected and easily retrieved.