Pyjama waistband mend

My favourite pyjama bottoms are still going strong and I like the new contrasting colour!

I don’t have a ‘before’ photo of these. The fabric had worn through on the top and the elastic was showing through. The only parts still attached were at the seams. There might be quicker ways, but I fixed them by inserting four yellow t-shirt strips to re-cover the elastic.

First I stretched a section of the waistband onto my largest embroidery hoop and pinned the new fabric in. Then I turned over the rough edges and stitched it in by hand. It needed stitching on both sides and frequent adjustments on the hoop so it wasn’t quick but it seemed to work.

The pyjamas are in fine condition otherwise, so hopefully I’ll get another couple of years our of them.

Visual mending

Slip of the tongue? It is called Visible Mending in contrast to Invisible Mending but for some reason I found my self using the term Visual Mending right from when I first heard it, so that’s what it is for me.

Visible mending has really taken off in recent years and there are thousands of inspiring photos on the internet, and plenty of techniques to try and books to read. I hope it turns out not to be just a trend but more of a mindset.