Princess and the pea collage

This project started off as an ambitious appliqued blanket project from old baby clothes (al t-shirt fabrics) that had subsequently sat in a basket for many years (I believe knitters call these UFO’s – UnFinished Objects).

I revisited the idea and decided to buy some fusible webbing to try a small iron-on collage – on a more manageable scale. It still used small parts of the all the baby clothes, some bedsheet for the background, some brown satin from the lining of a suitcase. I added lots of beads which was fun because I don’t get chance to do decorative projects often.

When I got the frame I added the rows of patches to fill the space on the edges which I think really helped and for some reason is my favourite part. Here it is before the frame:

I have misgivings about the fusible webbing. It was expensive and there was a lot of backing paper and fabric waste. Working with tiny pieces and an iron isn’t ideal for me and uses more energy than I think is necessary for something that I’d prefer to be handmade.

I’d especially love to find an alternative to fusible webbing to work with t-shirt fabrics because I am accumulating a lot of this, and have little cotton for collage.

Those old clothes

How to dispose of those old clothes? I keep cutting them up and seeing what new things I can make out of them. Quite a lot of my projects use collections of clothes with sentimental value and others are used before they hit ‘rag bag’ status.