Plastic bottle vases

I have been looking on the internet to see what other creative things people have been doing with plastic bottles and I thought I’d have a go at instructions by Wonderfuldiy who shows how to make a crystal effect by weaving¬† strips of the top of the bottle to form a rim.

It has a crystal effect that I think looks quite impressive.






This is my result:

Apart from the fact that mine is shallow and clearly not a vase, what did I do wrong? I was interested to look at why my results were disappointing. Here are some of my observations:

  • My bottle didn’t have a nice bulbous base – I was using what I had
  • I didn’t spend time taking a great photo
  • Perhaps more strips would give that delicate look. I just counted and wonderfuldiy uses 40 strips and mine only has 32

I didn’t have anything to lose with this one – so I tried dipping the woven part in hot water to see what would happen.

I actually think this is more interesting!



So, not to be deterred, I thought I’d have another go at the woven rim and this time I used 40 strips and photographed it on a better surface and it certainly looks more crystal like as it reflects the colours around it – although it didn’t look quite as dazzling in real life!

This time the main problem I had was that the ends were sticking out on the underside.

After a some fiddling I realised that I just needed to crease the whole lot more – problem solved – it transformed into a flat rim like you’d expect.

I also discovered that it gives a great shadow in strong sunlight.

So I think I have some more things to work on here. I’ll mark this one as ‘More to Explore’.

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