Odd sock puppets

Here are some re-created socks as puppets. The mouths are reinforced with scraps of fabric covered foam (from protective covers for parts of new cars). This what made the difference – it gave them a ‘muppet’ style face with a lot of expression and something for your fingers to grab hold of inside.

They were hand stitched, so surprisingly time intensive, but lots of fun!

Make More Make Believe

I’m a big advocate for children’s imaginative play. I also don’t think they need a huge amount of ‘stuff’ in order for it to be an enriching experience – it’s more important that they have the right environment in which to feel free and comfortable to explore. In the case of my own children I have found that they get as much from bits and pieces lying around as they ever have from anything I have made them. I have come to learn that I make ‘fun’ things as much as for myself as for them and with that realisation I am also freer to have fun.

Put a sock in it!

Exploring what you can do with old socks and tights.

Whip-up a puppet

Looking at simple puppet making – shadow, gloves, finger, sock, banraku, rod and more.