Odd sock horses

I didn’t make these but they have seen various alterations over the years.

< Here they are when we first got them from the charity shop. They weren’t particularly well made – and a terrible colour for our family because they got dirty really quickly.

We decided to give them a refresh. We removed the fabric that bound the sticks – it had seen better days. I added an odd sock to each to cover the entire head with holes for the original ears. The kids chose the colours of the new wool manes and picked out buttons. I particularly liked the way the socks bunched up at the muzzle so I put in a few stitches to sculpt nostrils and on the brown one – the mouth.

Recently the stick snapped on the grey one so we replaced it with some old broom pole. I also added some woven braid as reins, hooking them over the ears using ring pulls.

Put a sock in it!

Exploring what you can do with old socks and tights.

Make More Make Believe

I’m a big advocate for children’s imaginative play. I also don’t think they need a huge amount of ‘stuff’ in order for it to be an enriching experience – it’s more important that they have the right environment in which to feel free and comfortable to explore. In the case of my own children I have found that they get as much from bits and pieces lying around as they ever have from anything I have made them. I have come to learn that I make ‘fun’ things as much as for myself as for them and with that realisation I am also freer to have fun.