Net fix

We’d already tried stitching the net to the handle but the holes just got bigger and the net was slowly coming apart at the top. The net appeared to have been heat sealed into the hoop. We detached the net from the ring completely then looked for something to sew to the top to strengthen it. All we had was a piece of waistband tape which I supposed was made of polyester, so hopefully it will withstand chlorine and heavy use.

We sewed it to the top of the netting on the machine – 5 lines of stitching. This meant that most of the holes and gaps were now secure. I hope that the net is now attached to the hoop by the tape and takes some of the pressure off the netting.

Our newly edged netting was now slightly too small for the hoop after this but we decided to continue anyway. We fixed it at the centre points and at the sides to spread it out evenly, then bound it all the way around using the strongest thread we have. I started needleweaving the last remaining hole with invisible thread, but it was hard to see what was where to I finished off with an orange coloured fishing line that was considerably thicker and easier to see.

I hope we get a few years more use from this net now.


Some modest attempts at fixing things around the house to make them last longer.