Morecambe through the Ages – Magic Lantern Project

This project  was inspired by black and white images of old Morecambe, its history as a thriving seaside resort and ‘magic lanterns’, an early type of image projector that used paintings, prints, or photographs on glass plates, and a light source.

We ran a series of costume, props and choreography workshops on a tour of community centres in Lancaster and Morecambe.

This culminated in a show in The Dome in Morecambe which was a huge space to fill and required stage management, sound, lighting and live music, together with projected images. We finished with a carnival procession on the seafront.

We made costumes, props and choreography for

  • Pirates with walk about cardboard ship
  • Mermaids
  • Strongmen and women
  • Inflatable suited bathing belles
  • A giant Punch and Judy
  • Comical clowns with a fire engine routine
  • A sunset queen with her dancing sun rays

A diverse project for a diverse group!

Community Learning Network, Lancaster & Morecambe, March – July 07

Beautiful Bathing Belles
Punch & Judy backpack puppets
Pirates of the bay
Comical clown capers
Strongmen and ladies of Lancaster
Mermaids of Morecambe Bay
Whip-up a puppet

Looking at simple puppet making – shadow, gloves, finger, sock, banraku, rod and more.