Mop beards

We think these beards are perfect for dressing up as wizards, vikings, pirates… old men… and of course Father Christmas. They are quick and easy to make… and a white beard makes a wonderful and fun Christmas present!

Did you know some cotton mops are made from recycled fibres? I found mop string has several advantages over buying wool; it’s cheap – you can make 2 beards out of 1 mop head. The string is already cut to size, saving a job and quite a bit of mess as you can pull out just what you need. You can dye cotton with natural dyes – yep – another fun craft project.

We used:

  • A cotton mop head (Microfibre is horrible to work with and make terrible beards – we tried!)
  • White felt
  • Elastic

Some future ideas;

  • Instead of buying a mop unravel an old jumper or blanket, or use leftovers from a knitting/crochet project
  • Use left over string for other projects – I used mine for matching hair for a wizard’s hat
  • Matching eyebrows!
  • Come up with ideas yet for the screw part of the mop

What can I do with my beard after it’s bearding life is done?

  • Pull apart and reuse the string in other projects
  • Use it for stuffing
  • Mop the floor with it?
  • Pull it apart and compost it
  • Recycle it in textiles recycling)



  • Dye the string different colours – tea for brown, rust for orange, felt tip ink for grey, black and blue
  • Make variegated colours
  • Bushy beard by adding another shorter layer of tassels underneath, fastened to the chin
  • Long beard by extending the template and adding more layers, like the bushy beard, just longer
  • Viking beard with plaited moustaches
DIY Dressing-up


Dressing-up clothes – Old clothes, costumes, hats, and things such as masks or jewellery that can be used for children’s games or performances.