Lettuce planters

It’s been really hot and the local rodents have been feeling the heat and consequently they’ve eaten all out lettuces! So, we made some hanging planters to try and beat the local wildlife.

We’ve tried a few designs to see what works best. Above are water bottles with 2 or 4 windows cut out. The silver is from crisp packets¬† with the idea that by deflecting the heat, the soil won’t get as hot in the sun and the roots will have some protection.

Next we tried a tower of bottles attached by drilling holes in the bottom and using the screw cap to attach them together. We cut small holes in the top corners of bottles 2 and 3 to catch any water as it drips down.

Finally we made a tower of 5 and came up with a fancy origami fold to give each corner a protruding ‘wing’ to catch water from above. Our main concern is whether it will hold the weight of all that wet soil. We planted some with herbs, too.

Here’s a close up of the wings.

1 month later - before and after

I’m pleased to say that the lettuce is bountiful. The only problem we’ve had is that the original handle from the bottle used to hang up the tower of 5 wasn’t strong enough and snapped. We solved this by adding another.

PET Project

Looking at different ways in which PET bottle plastic can be reused.