Folded link chain with sweet wrappers

Trying it out with leftovers

I started trying out Folded Link Chain with some scraps of sweet wrappers left over from making sweet wrapper stars.

And then with different sweet wrappers to see the differences.

Chains with toffee wrappers

The same toffee wrappers as above, but in a better light.

These chains were made using whole wrappers and are quite thick and bulky. These wrappers come in both a metallic finish (top) and a plastic finish (bottom) and the difference is striking. The metallic finish results in a chain that is much nicer to hold, it feels more solid, like something you would use for jewellery.

These types of chains have been used as Christmas tree decorations (as a garland to wrap around) and I’ve read about people unpacking ones from the loft made in the 1960’s and I can see how they would last that long – they feel strong and long lasting, they’re very flexible.

Depending on how you fold the paper, there is a ‘simple’ side and a ‘layered’ side to each link. Knowing this, means you can find a method of attaching each link to make the process smoother and easier.

Sweet wrapper bracelet

These links were folded with whole wrappers so they came out quite thick making quite a chunky bracelet. There wasn’t much choice about design here, most of the bright colours are hidden and so the majority of the bracelet is white – except for the odd recycling sign that appeared.

I couldn’t find good instructions for closing the last link – most people give up trying to explain it!

It is a bit fiddly and I found I need something to poke in the last part. I expect it’s easier with a firmer material – this paper is quite soft. There is a way of doing it ‘backwards’ like one instructions advised, but I found this didn’t hold.

This type of waxy paper gives a nice finish to the bracelet, but I wouldn’t choose to make a white one again.

Flink Chain

It’s commonly known as Candy wrapper chain or Gum wrapper chain, but of course many other types of materials can be used to make it. As a name of a technique rather than a material, I call it Folded Link Chain: each link needs to be folded and together they form a chain. Flink Chain for short.

Wrapper rescue

I’m interested in looking at how we can reuse wrappers of all kinds – sweets, chocolate, crisps, wrapping paper, that coming in a range of foils, plastic foils, paper foils and thin cheap plastic. Mostly this plastic packaging can’t be recycled. However they offers a huge range of colours and sparkle and I’m looking for ideas to make long lasting items out of them.