Flink chain with magazines

Glossy magazine

I tried out folded link chain from an old National Geographic magazine. These have plenty of glossy coloured pages. After a quick trial I realised that I would need to cut and sort a lot of magazines to collect enough colours, so I set that aside (for a rainy day).

Matt magazine

This was an old Smallholders magazine. As I began to fold I began to see that there were plenty of shades of green, so I folded the links to make the most of these colours.

Folding a quantity of links is quite rhythmic and I found that my mind wandered… occasionally some words caught my eye from the various adverts and articles. In hindsight I would have jotted down some of the more intriguing words as they could have made a good poem…

You can’t tell from looking at the end result that it contains sheep, pigs, cows, llamas, chickens, bees, barn owls, vermin control, lots of red tractors and more…

First base
First base (top) second base (bottom)

On my first attempt I tried sewing the base together and found that it doesn’t just join nicely – the corners have gaps. I looked it up to see how others manage it and on my second attempt put single squares in to join the two sides together.

Although the shape was better with good corners, it didn’t sew together as neatly as I would have liked and I was disappointed in the result. I suspect that links made of a more flexible material such as metallised foil would have given a better result for this shape. Perhaps because my links were very small I wasn’t able to sew it as tightly together as necessary – there wasn’t a lot of room for the needle at some points!

I sewed in a zip (from a pair of kids jeans) to see how that went together. I think in future I would chose a thread colour to match the colour of the zip rather than the chains.

Flink Chain

It’s commonly known as Candy wrapper chain or Gum wrapper chain, but of course many other types of materials can be used to make it. As a name of a technique rather than a material, I call it Folded Link Chain: each link needs to be folded and together they form a chain. Flink Chain for short.