Fixed with lentils

This is a frame I rescued from a civic amenity centre a few years ago and have finally got round to fixing.

There were a couple of chips missing from the frame and the bare wood looked unsightly. For the larger section I whittled down a bit of old wooden peg until it fitted and wood glued it in. Then I hunted around for something to act as beading and finally settled for lentils. I wood glued these in place and gave them a couple of coats of acrylic to try and blend in the colour.

It may not win any awards for restoration work – you can easily see which bits I worked on when you zoom in, but you can’t tell looking at it overall. It now has pride of place with a family photo. Who’d have thought lentils could turn junk into a treasured item?!


Some modest attempts at fixing things around the house to make them last longer.