Faraway peg people

Peg dolls of the characters Jo, Bessie, Fanny, Moon-Face, Silkie and Saucepan Man. I made them to hold candles and stand on a Faraway Tree cake my daughter made amongst clouds of meringue.

Some reflections

As cake toppers they were fine but as dolls they weren’t the best. Being a bit delicate they have been stored in a box and only some out occasionally – they need a bit of patching up!

I would like to work out a way of  making these dolly peg dolls more durable.

All dolled up

All sorts of figures to play with including rag dolls, peg dolls, animals, teddy bears and soft toys in general.

My kids have amassed a huge collection of mostly hand-me-down soft toys and they claim to be attached to every single one… I try and make the best of it and offer to customise them when they start falling apart.