I'm not a box

This arrived throught the post the other day and at first I was intrigued, followed quickly by being disappointed that the box was in poor shape, it hadn’t managed a trip throught the post without getting damaged.

I looked it up and learnt that cardboard box reuse campaigns are not a new thing – it is described here as a ‘meaningful brand experience’; An #ImNotABox campaign¬† challenges customers to make their own creations with boxes and show them off on social media. They suggest you ‘think outside the box’.

Here’s part of an old (2016/2017) Zappos campaign¬† (American online shoe retailer):

I solemnly swear to:

Think twice and get really creative…
By building and tearing, and staying elated.

With my cardboard, my creation will surely inspire…
Myself to discover my life’s biggest desires.

I promise to open up and look inside…
To see myself and the world with a fresh set of eyes.

This will remind me to dream and never fear to explore…
This box, after all, is so much more.

I will share this at least once or, if desired, a lot…
So the world, together, can say #imnotabox.

Limited edition boxes had cut out projects printed on the cardboard. Other projects part of the Zappos campaign include a cat box, cat toys, a cardboard watch, cardboard flowers, cardboard drum, a cardboard car and a geoball.

I’m all for making things out of cardboard boxes, but with such poor quality packaging such as I received, you can hardly call it a ‘meaningful experience’.