Art Sleeps in Craft

This is a postcard I’ve had for a long time and it is very dear to me, though I must have trimmed it down to fit it in the frame!

Art Sleeps in Craft by Grace L Erickson, Tapestry woven wool on linen with acrylic paint. Photo by Tony Barney.

I tracked it down and it is in a catalogue of the American Craft Council ‘ On the Wall and Underfoot: Tapestries and Rugs By Grace Erickson’ 1990. This site tells me ‘Grace Erickson Wiant is a textile artist who weaves tapestries and rugs. Her pieces typically incorporate wool and are machine made.’ There are black and white thumbnail images of her work, but I haven’t found any other instance of her work online, and I’d love to see more of her work in colour.

Here it says that ‘Art Sleeps in Craft’ was made in 1983 and describes it ‘Fun poked at two categories people waste time sorting things into.

Reading this made me love it even more.