DIY souvenir wallet

Most people buy souvenirs when they’re travelling, but how about making one? We spent time away and I brought back a useful something to remind me of special breakfasts, time with family, and trying new food and drink.

It’s possibly the most simple thing you can make with a carton. Just trim, wash and dry. Then cut off a section a third from the top – leaving a piece for the lid. Then crease the side panels in and fold that creased section in half. You can staple the middle section or just leave it. Fasten with velcro or a rubber band – whatever you have at hand.

I fouund myself looking for more attractive designs to try.

Works of cARTon

Beverage cartons that hold juice, milk and liquid foods are made from a laminated combination of card, plastic and often aluminium eg brand names TetraPak and SIG. Not so environmentally friendly, but great to work with. What can you do with a carton?