Denis Does Dresses

DIY Fashion Show targeted at training Youth & Community Workers in creative costume making. We ran bodice making workshops and had a sewing machine at hand for people to have an evening out to make their costumes in company.

It culminating in an evening showcasing some spectacular costumes, some sillier than others. A highly successful event, whose lighthearted catwalk capers entertained the local community, filled the venue and inspired all.

Partnership project with community artists Mel and Georgia ‘Plastic Rose’, Gregson Community Arts Centre, June 04

Great groups

Some of my work with community, school and youth groups making all kinds of things and meeting and working with wonderful people.

Trashion passion

I have spent a lot of time making outfits, clothes and costume out of discarded materials in the past. These days my focus is more on dressing-up costumes for the kids, and visible mending, but I hope that when the opportunity presents itself I’ll be picking this up again someday.