Curtain crowns

King and queen for the day! I made these crowns as a birthday gift because last year my son wanted to be a king and we made paper crowns – and this year – he still does.

They’re made from a piece of heavy shiny curtain fabric and have a loose elastic around the head. The one has button decorations and I wasn’t sure if they’d be too heavy – time will tell.

My daughter made a great leather scabbard from an old belt for his wooden sword – also adorned with buttons, and they have scrap fabric cloaks.


Looking through our photos has revealed that these crowns have had really good use by various children and for lots of purposes – dressing up, shows, Christmas etc. Well worth the time making them. The one with the buttons certainly looks droopy, but that hasn’t altered its popularity.

Ragbag rendezvous

A collection of items made from scrap fabric, mainly old clothes. I don’t ‘rendezvous’ with fabric scraps often enough, but hopefully that will change.

ragbag  Рbag in which scraps of fabric and old clothes are kept for use.

rendezvous – a meeting place.