Crocheted containers

I have been trying out crocheting the rims of a number of plastic containers to begin to see what potential there is in this idea. The one above is an icecream tub with the rim cut off and crocheted with cotton. It makes a very light and flexible container.

The one below is an ovaltine container and was much tougher to punch holes in. I used a linen thread and it holds crayons.

The pots below were a test to see if the more flimsy yoghurt pots could be covered and strengthened. The masking tape versions fared better but none were very strong at all.

Yoghurt pot baskets

Update 2022

Almost 7 years on and this container is still in regular by the whole family. I think that as pen storage it works well because there isn’t a lid to have to replace (or loose) and it’s easy to rifle through and find the colour you’re looking for. The crochet is slightly saggy and has a few ink marks.

This one is still going strong, too. In this photo you can see the marks caused by punching the holes – possibly drilling would have been better. It also shows white wear marks from having been dropped and bashed about.

Crochet away!

Finding out about simple crochet.