Crisp bag aprons

These were made using a heat sealer which was an interesting exercise, firstly because I’d not used one before and secondly because it’s perfect for crisp bags – that’s how they’re sealed in the first place. I set out to make an apron without glue or sewing.

I made two layers of strips (the silver stripes) and heat sealed them down the centre to make connecting pieces for the whole sections of crisp bags to slot into and be sealed in by. The edges were strips of silver heat sealed in and the curved pieces had slits cut in to help them bend round. I attached scrap ribbon as fastening.

Some reflections

  • The heat sealer does require some fiddling and experimentation to get the setting right and this varies with each type and thickness of plastic.
  • My method was a quick strong way of joining crisp bags. It kept them whole and so double layered resulting in a thick fabric. However it wasn’t the most suitable design for an apron because there are flappy parts of seam that could trap food and would be difficult to clean. Ideally an apron of crisp bags would be easy to wipe clean.
  • I had thought that contrasting the colour with silver might be striking – but in this case it was too powerful. You’d be dazzled every time you put it on!
  • I’d like to come up with a better way of edging because the curved parts were tricky and not as neat as they could be. Similarly the neck strap and ties – there must be a better reuse material to use.
  • I much prefer using a sealer to fusing plastic with an iron because it’s far more controllable and the heat is localised. There are health hazards to heating plastics and this lessens that risk.
  • They were a bit short! Another layer of bags would have given a better shape.
  • My favourite part of these aprons is the colour choice.

Another project to mark as ‘More to Explore’.

Wrapper rescue

I’m interested in looking at how we can reuse wrappers of all kinds – sweets, chocolate, crisps, wrapping paper, that coming in a range of foils, plastic foils, paper foils and thin cheap plastic. Mostly this plastic packaging can’t be recycled. However they offers a huge range of colours and sparkle and I’m looking for ideas to make long lasting items out of them.