Celtic pyrography

A Celtic heritage programme was the main programme offered at the Environmental Education Centre that I was volunteering at. Children came in for the day and dressed as Celts, spent time in a Celtic roundhouse and did various activities such as having a go at wattle and daub, learning how to throw a spear and making vegetable soup. The story that held the day together was about a lost chief called Culhwch.

At this time, artist Andy Hancock was there creating a storytelling garden. Some of the leftovers from his wany edge benches were put to good use.

We spotted this piece of wood that lent itself to becoming Culhwch as pictured with his sticky up hair.

I used Andy’s pyrography tool to draw him in and he was coloured with woodstain.

Thereafter, Culhwch was dramatically unveiled at a certain point in the introduction of the story.

Concerning wood burning

Exploring pyrography.